Natural Carpets

Welcome to our Natural Carpets page.

We suppy and install top quality Sisal, Coir & Seagrass carpets for the discerning homeowner. We can bring samples to your property for viewing and are happy to give advice on the most appropriate carpet for your project.

Sisal with contrasting whipped edges Sisal Boucle with cotton border

Once you have chosen your carpet , then we recommend you have it treated with our INTEC Stain inhibitor priced £2.5sqm This is applied before dispatch.

Also consider choosing a good quality underlay for your new carpet. This will prolong the life of your carpet.

  • Give extra underfoot comfort
  • Aid in sound reduction
  • Retain heat and save on fuel bills
  • Hide unevenness in the sub floor

If the floor is very uneven, then we can supply and install hardboard, plywood or screed according to requirements.

Please give us a call today if you need advice, or to arrange for a quotation.

SISAL - Sisal's are by far the most popular of the natural carpets. Thier supreme durability and stunning combination of colours and textures make them an irresistable choice. Sisal is suitable for homes, offices, shops, and heavy traffic areas.

COIR - Coir carpets are made from the strong fibres of coconut husk. They have impressive natural character as well as being extremely good value. Coir is suitable for most areas of your home, except bathrooms or areas with high humidity.

SEAGRASS - Seagrass comes from the tropical areas of China. The strong natural fibres are woven into a beautiful fine or fashionably chunky carpet that will make a bold statement in any household. Seagrass is suitable for medium domestic and light commercial use.

SPECIAL OFFER - Free carpet cleaning kit when you spend over £350

Chair Mats
Please note. Added protection of a castor chair mat is recommended if using chairs fitted with castors. Frequent movement of chair castors can damage the fibre of natural flooring.

We can supply a range of mats, please call for details
Telephone : 0208 316 5640


Sisal Herringbone - Dawn £22.45 Sisal Herringbone - Dusk £22.45 Sisal Wicker - Rye £22.45 Sisal Wicker - Flax £22.45
Sisal Boucle - Wheat Grass £19.95 Sisal Boucle - Cedar. 4 & 5 meter wide £19.95 Sisal Boucle - Autumn Harvest £19.95 Sisal Boucle - Hickory. 4& 5 meter wide £19.95
Sisal Boucle - Hazelnut £19.95 Sisal Boucle - Dune. 4 & 5 metert wide £19.95 Sisal Boucle - Caramel £19.95 Sisal Boucle - Acorn £19.95
Sisal Boucle - Steel £19.95 Sisal Boucle - Jet £19.95 Sisal Crochet - Oyster £23.45 Sisal Crochet - Muskat £23.45
Sisal Crochet - Biscuit £23.45 Sisal Crochet - Pepper £23.45 Sisal Crochet - Conifer - £23.45 Sisal Crochet - Bronze £23.45
Sisal Crochet - Iron Flax £23.45 Sisal Basket Weave - Willow £27.95 Sisal Basket Weave - Malted Rye £27.95 Sisal Basket Weave - Golden Rye £27.95
Sisal Hopscotch - Moonstone £30.95 Sisal Hopscotch - Havanna £30.95 Sisal Hopscotch - Bamboo Mat £30.95 Coir Basketweave £14.95
Seagrass Wheat £16.95