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XYLO Wood FlooringWe are proud to bring you XYLO Wood flooring. The quality and reliability of their wood flooring is second to none. We have installed many of their wood floors and can recommend their products as being among the best available on the market today. Manufactured specificaly for the European Market. Regular visits by their factory inspectors ensures that they maintain consistent high standards.

Oak Engineered Lacquered - 3 strip and single plank. Beautiful and long lasting. Easy maintenance lacquered finish. Available in range of grades and widths.

Lacquered Oak Engineered Flooring
£29.95(m²) £31.95(m²) £53.95(m²) £55.95(m²) £55.95(m²) £57.95(m²)
£69.95(m²) £73.95(m²) £35.95(m²)      

Oak Engineered Oiled Finish - A popular and realistic choice for the busy home/office. The oiled finish subly enhanses the natural grain and beauty of the wood. An additional coat of oil after installation will help seal the floor and give added protection against marks and scuffs.

Oiled Finish Oak Flooring
£47.95(m²) £49.95(m²) £53.95(m²) £57.95(m²) £61.95(m²) £59.95(m²)
£61.95(m²) £69.95(m²) £73.95(m²)      

Walnut Engineered Lacquered - An exotic and sophistocated wood that will make a statment in any home or office. Its dark and rich colour is finished with a hardwearing satin lacquer.

Walnut Engineered Flooring      

Walnut Engineered Oiled - A top quality product manufactured to the highest standards. Beauty, warmth and reliability is the hallmark of XYLO wood flooring.

Oiled Walnut Floor      

We also have a range of solid wood floors from Xylo. Please call or email to make an appointment. We can bring samples to your property for viewing.

Oak - 3 Strip Range Satin
15mm x 200mm x 2.423m - 2.91m2 per pack

Oak Satin Strip

Oak Como

£24/sq metre


£24/sq metre

Vienna Select

£28/sq metre

Beech Falster

£26.50/sq metre

Maple Toronto

£34.14/sq metre


£36.60/sq metre


Walnut Montreal



1 Strip Satin Lacquer

Strip Satin    


£32.45/sq metre

187mm Rustic

£32/sq metre

130mm Rustic

£39.05/sq metre

Oak Milano
130mm Nature

£53.13/sq metre



1 Strip Matt Lacquer

Matt Lacquer  

187mm Bevel 4 sides rustic

£31.25/sq metre

187mm Bevel 4 sides

£45.50/sq metre

Nouveau Bronze
187mm Bevel 4 Sides

£60.25/sq metre

Brighton White

£50.15/sq metre

130mm Bevel 4 sides

£45.65/sq metre

130mm Bevel 4 sides


Oiled finish

Oil Finished Wood Floor      

187mm Square edge

£42.05/sq metre

187mm Bevel 4 sides

£47.35/sq metre

Noveau Brown
Bevelled 187mm

£57/sq metre



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